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Riding the Career Rollercoaster

When it comes to career highs and lows, many of us obsess about the troughs and skim over the crests. But if we take the long view — seeing these ups and downs as recurring patterns that are neither good nor bad — we can better manage our response and accept the...

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Becoming the Architect of Your Career

After earning an undergraduate degree in mathematics I pursued a career in systems engineering. I found the work enjoyable enough but realized that a sizable part of my brain wasn’t fully engaged in it. So I went to business school to find my next career. At the end...

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Responsible Risk Taking

Risk provokes different emotions among different people. For some, risk-taking suggests excitement, challenge, learning, even joy. For others, it implies danger, fear, loss and embarrassment. Effective leadership and learning inherently involve sticking your neck out...

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