Organizational Effectiveness

Helping Organizations Thrive

Whether you want to validate your current culture, identify areas for change, or build stronger skills for the workforce, The Learning Advantage will partner with you to ensure success. Our team determines the health of your organization and how to build on current strengths. <more>

Leadership Coaching

Defining your personal roadmap

Having greater success at work can come from gaining clarity about what matters, developing new skills, defining your skills, passions, and best fit for engaging work, and creating a plan to reach your goals.  A coach helps you define your personal roadmap and provides skills and exercises to help you achieve success. <more>

Team Coaching

Building Collaboration through Shared Goals

Research shows that a high-functioning team rises to the level of its most effective members.  Sadly, dysfunctional teams fall to the level of their least effective members.  We provide group/team coaching to increase team effectiveness and improve decision-making, communication, and buy-in for actions among executive teams. <more>

Coaching Services

Organizational Coaching Services: Customized Solutions

For organizations seeking coaching support for multiple staff members, we offer a strategic approach to managing multiple coaching engagements that allows us to optimize service through a single point of contact by providing <more>