Organizational Effectiveness

Helping Organizations Thrive

Whether you want to validate your current culture, identify areas for change, or build stronger skills for the workforce, The Learning Advantage will partner with you to ensure success. Our team determines the health of your organization and how to build on current strengths.  We use focus groups and surveys to target areas for change and provide processes to engage the workforce in supporting positive change.  When needed we create training and development to support the workforce in developing the skills necessary for successful change.

Sandy Mobley, team building, The Learning Advantage

Two cases in point:

The new CEO of a 400-plus-person consulting organization wanted to determine the health of the organization before making significant changes. The organization had prided itself on being open, collaborative, and a great place to work. The Learning Advantage conducted focus groups with a representative sample of employees and identified the strengths that were most valued by the employees, areas of dissatisfaction and suggestions for change. This allowed the CEO to continue to reinforce the organizational strengths while making changes that mattered to the employees and the health of the business. We also provided assistance to a 100,000-person top tier accounting firm seeking to shift its professionals from a command and control culture to a leadership culture, an approach that encourages staff to move beyond simply managing the business to contributing to the growth of the business. The engagement included redefining expectations for leadership and creating a proprietary leadership competency model and multi-rater (or 360 degree) assessment process with which to measure the directors and partners. Client professionals were coached in areas where scores were low, and they were measured again in a year. Training was delivered in leading change, engaging and motivating the workforce, and business strategy.