Team Coaching

Building Collaboration through Shared Goals

Research shows that a high-functioning team rises to the level of its most effective members.  Sadly, dysfunctional teams fall to the level of their least effective members.  We provide group/team coaching to increase team effectiveness and improve decision-making, communication, and buy-in for actions among executive teams. When assisting cross-functional teams, we have succeeded in increasing collaboration and helping teams understand how best to leverage other groups to meet organizational goals.  Team coaching is more than facilitation; it trains team members to become more aware and intentional about activities and actions that increase their effectiveness and to notice and eliminate dysfunctional behaviors.

Team Coaching with The Learning Advantage's Sandra Mobley


Using methodologies from coaching, action learning, and collaborative problem-solving, we help leadership teams  work together more effectively.  By the end of a team project, the team has developed the internal expertise that will allow them to continue to grow and improve.

Through peer coaching, we also assist internal coaches in their efforts to increase their expertise and help cross-functional groups learn to support each other in problem solving.  Utilizing coaching skills to build internal support and collaboration has made a difference for many organizations.

Case in Point: Encouraging strategic thinking and open idea sharing

An executive team hired us to improve the effectiveness of their monthly meetings.  We observed that the team spent the majority of their time on tactical issues.  They realized that this behavior was limiting their ability to grow the organization.  With our coaching, the executive team changed from being mostly tactical to thinking strategically. Another observation revealed that if the CEO presented an idea, the other executives never presented alternative theories or questioned the idea.  As a result, the CEO wasn’t benefiting from the expertise of his team.  By suggesting different ways to surface ideas, gain feedback, and address problems and issues that engaged the entire team, we were able to broaden the team’s thinking and increase their ability to present options.  This resulted in a vision that allowed the organization to grow and sell the company in two year’s time.