About Us

The Learning Advantage provides certified coaching, leadership and organizational development to medium to large-size corporations

The Learning Advantage is a small, woman-owned company that has provided coaching services, organization development, leadership development and training to corporations, associations, and government organizations since 1992.  Since that time, we have served over 80 medium to large-size organizations employing a cadre of highly skilled certified coaches and trainers as subcontractors for various projects.  The founder, Sandra Mobley, and her partners, Margaret Echols and Stephanie Katz, have each worked in the coaching, organization development and training fields for over twenty-five years. Each of us has been providing executive coaching for over 20 years.  All of us served as senior leaders in large organizations and understand the complexity of executive roles. Over 80% of our coaches are certified by the International Coach Federation, with most at the master coach level.  Certification requires extensive training, coaching skill demonstration, and completion of over 2,500 hours of paid coaching.  Ms. Mobley has coached over 2,000 executives and teams.  The majority of her coaching is with senior managers and executives.

The Learning Advantage, certified business coaching

Over 80% of our coaches are certified by the International Coach Federation, with most at the master coach level.

How we work

We are skilled at providing turn-key leadership development including organizational and employee assessments, leadership development workshops, team development, leadership and executive coaching, and group coaching.  We have long and positive relationships with companies where we have provided executive coaching services, including Booz Allen Hamilton, Capital One, Fannie Mae, AARP, Ernst & Young, and EMMES. Like our executives, we are motivated to help people increase engagement at work.  Our strong business backgrounds and coaching skills help us align coaching engagements with organizational needs.  Our deep expertise in leadership allows us to provide practical solutions for busy people. We begin by assessing the need and strategize with our clients on the most effective options to promote improvement and change.  We work collaboratively with our clients to build internal expertise.

Strategic Partnerships

The Learning Advantage maintains strong relationships with other equally skilled coaches and consultants to benefit clients who may have special requirements and to support each other in a seamless manner on larger projects.  Most of us have worked together on 10-20 projects over a 15-year time period.  We have strong trusting and supportive relationships and recognize the value or bringing multiple perspectives to bear when working on complex projects.  Our motivation for bringing in additional coaches is to deliver the highest quality work for our clients and to work with peers who share our expertise and values.

Case in Point: Identifying Strengths

Sandy Mobley, team building, The Learning Advantage

The new CEO of a 400-plus-person consulting organization wanted to determine the health of the organization before making significant changes.  The organization had prided itself on being open, collaborative, and a great place to work. The Learning Advantage conducted focus groups with a representative sample of employees and identified the strengths that were most valued by the employees, areas of dissatisfaction and suggestions for change. This allowed the CEO to continue to reinforce the organizational strengths while making changes that mattered to the employees and the health of the business.