Striving and thriving: We support your growth and change. What changes can bring you more fully alive?

Perspective: Coaching and consulting provide new ways of seeing old situations and offer powerful possibilities for productive change. What future do you want to create?

Leadership: Recognizing and harnessing your unique strengths increases engagement and satisfaction. Are you the leader you want to be?

The Learning Advantage provides customized leadership development including executive and team coaching, training, and organizational development.

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Sandra Mobley: author/keynote speaker

Juicy Work, book by Sandra Mobley, ceo of The Learning Advantage and keynote speaker

Juicy Work: Creating Fruitful Careers and Cultivating Nourishing Workplaces

by Sandra A. Mobley. Juicy Work awakens readers to the possibility of bringing all their energy, passion and experience into finding their own Juicy Work. When you hear something described as “juicy,” you probably think of a luscious piece of fruit: bite into it and it rewards all your senses as it refreshes your spirit and nourishes your body.  Read More

author, keynote speaker, Sandra Mobley

Sandra Mobley, Keynote Speaker

Sandy’s clients describe her as empowering and inspiring. As a keynote speaker, she is able to provide practical ideas that help businesses become energized to find their passion and productivity. Sandra’s energy and enthusiasm plus solid business acumen provide for compelling presentations that captivate organizations. Read More

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